Say! What a lot of fish there are.
Yes. Some are red, and some are blue.
Some are old and some are new.
Some are sad, and some are glad,
And some are very, very bad.
~ Dr. Seuss

Bluefish Projects is a creative and innovative full-service renovation company located in the heart of Calgary, Alberta. Our name was inspired by the notion that we can occupy a unique space in our industry, offering clients an unparalleled level of craftsmanship and service, while maintaining the highest standard of environmental stewardship.   

We care about the natural environment as much as the environments we renovate. At the outset of each job, we look for opportunities to use leading edge, eco-friendly products. After, excess building material is returned, sold, and given away, along with reclaimed materials like brick, stone, and lumber. Every scrap of potential waste, from plastic packaging to paper coffee cups are recycled, thanks to conscientious tradespeople who share our vision of leaving the smallest environmental footprint possible.

When we aren’t building, we’re building strong relationships — with our clients, our trades, and our suppliers. Our experience has been that collaboration and the open exchange of ideas gives the best results every time.